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About Our School

Far Horizons Montessori School has been located at 264 N. Main Street, in Orange, California, since 1980.  Through all of these years, Far Horizons has been majority-owned and directed by Nora Cunningham.  Nora was born, raised and educated in Ireland, and is a graduate of both the University of Dublin, as well as the Sion Hill Montessori College.  Her master’s degree is in education.

Far Horizons is a classic non-denominational Montessori school.  Each of our classrooms is staffed with two fully qualified teachers who, together, design and monitor a specific learning program for each of their students.  Included in our tuition are special classes in dance, music, Spanish, technology and physical education.  Our grades run from preschool through the eighth grade and our enrollment capacity is 170 students.  Our students continually test well above their grade level and they go on to the finest high schools in Orange County.

We are a family-oriented school and we believe that good parenting plays a vital role in a child’s education.  We provide a safe and loving environment for our students to grow socially and intellectually and we marvel as they grow into good citizens of their environment.