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“I’ve had my son enrolled at Far Horizons for six years and continue to be amazed with the rigor and diversity of the curriculum, the quality of the teaching, and the caring of the teachers.”

Dr. Mark Axelrod



“My daughter has been a student at Far Horizons for many years. She started as a preschooler and is now graduating from the eighth grade. She is working beyond her grade level and her Stanford test scores place her in the top 10% of her age group. Equally important, she is an outstanding human being. She is kind and respectful, honest and caring, compassionate, and intelligent. I am proud to be the mother of this teenage girl. Thank you Far Horizons for all your help-you are priceless.”

Michele Johannesson



“As a college English teacher of nine years, I have seen what happens when students come through high school, not having learned how to write well, not having learned how to read critically and deeply. Because my nine year old son has been at Far Horizons since preschool, I know that he is being well educated; he reads literature and comes home to tell me about it; he is well versed in grammar terminology and is diagramming sentences; he is being taught how to write essays (in fact, this year, in the third grade, he completed a report on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island); he is being taught how to think, how to question. Add to this the instruction that he receives in science, math, social studies, Spanish, music, computers, and art, and both my son and I trust deeply and appreciate the excellence of this school. I highly recommend Far Horizons Montessori. The safe and nurturing environment with its high standards and integrity are the best out there! My son has been a student here for six years and he too recommends his school.”

Kristi D., Lecturer at UC Irvine and Cal Poly Pomona



“With affection and gratitude for nine years of caring and competent partnership in the raising of our son to be a wonderful young man with a solid foundation.”

Larry and Teri Budner



“Our family loves FHM! Both of our children have thrived in the stress free learning environment. Each child’s individual needs are the focus of this challenging, yet nurturing program. Children are encouraged and in turn encourage one another to excel and succeed. Each family can depend on the personal commitment offered by the faculty and administration. Their love and guidance have meant so much to our children but most importantly to our family. We work together as a team to help positively influence our kids. They learn early on that if you believe it, you can achieve it. We have two completely different children but our experience with FHM has been the same; Incredibly Awesome!”

Ann Walsh



“…This school is definitely for the kids and about the kids. The curriculum is well rounded with art, music, Spanish, and dance in addition to the basics. I love this school.”

Jan Hill



“I think that the most fortunate experience of our lives was finding Far Horizons Montessori for our child. There is such a sense of duty to the well-being of the children here, to their complete fulfillment of their learning potential, that you can’t cease to wonder at the resourcefulness of the teachers, the kindness and understanding of the principal, and the helpfulness of the staff. Everything at Far Horizons is done with the utmost care and, above all, love for each child; we have experienced it firsthand.”

Mihaela Vajiac



“I can’t complement Far Horizons Montessori enough. Each faculty member is amazing in their own way, but they all put the students first. My children are learning a tremendous amount of high level academics, as well as responsibility, neatness, follow-through, caring, manners and so many other traits that are needed to form a whole person. I have always liked the intimate feel of the school, ever since I was a student many long years ago. I don’t remember much from my preschool days with the school, but by the time I graduated 8th grade, I had only good memories to recall and I knew that I was a valuable and capable person able to conquer my fears and reach my goals. That is what I want for my children when it’s their turn to move on. Thank you, Far Horizons, for setting the standards higher and caring so much.”

Julianne Schulz



“Enrolling our daughter in Far Horizons was one the best decisions my husband and I ever made! The teachers are extremely attentive to all of their students and encourage them to not only find their own answers, but also to question their assumptions. The sense of community is unshakable and the curriculum is well-rounded. After six years at FHM, our daughter has consistently placed above average in her Standford tests and she continues to be challenged each year. Above all, she learned self-respect, respect for others, and she loves to learn!”

Dawn Cliburn-Ritter

“Great School! Both of our children were students at Far Horizons from preschool through 6th and 7th grade. And now our grand daughter is a student there and is excelling beyond expectations.”

Mike S. Orange, CA

“Far Horizons Montessori School is by far a most exceptional school I have ever had experience with in my 15 years of teaching. The administration and staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is safe and inviting. My granddaughter is an elementary student there and when she first came she was struggling and behind in her grade. In one year she has advanced beyond her grade level and continues to excel. I also have experience with the preschool and the staff is very nurturing and loving towards the children. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a private school or preschool. The tuition at this school is very reasonable compared to other schools in the area and the quality of education will meet any high expectations of academics you may have. I have witnessed children reading, writing and mathematics by age 3 and absolutely enjoying it. You have to check out this school.”

Reann M. Anaheim, CA

“My twin boys went to this school from kindergarten thru 6th grade and had a great experience and made some amazing lifelong friends. We had to move out of the area and they went to public school for 7th and 8th grade. They graduated yesterday, both with honors, one with a 4.0gpa, perfect attendance and receiving the outstanding student of the year in computer technology. I have Far Horizons Montessori to thank for their successful start in their lives!”

Dawn F. Laguna Niguel, CA

“My son has been attending the FHMS since last summer… he had attended another Montessori for 3 years before transferring here… I would say he has taking a big leap forward in learning/knowledge and also noticeable behavior improvement. His teacher is very attentive, not only teaching him well but also helped and tutored him one on one during break time to improve his weakness area… Wife and I totally appreciate that. Communication is superb, teacher always willing to talk to parents and also lets us know what can we do at home to improve the little one… office staff is very friendly as well. one star taking off for the smaller parking lot size, could get crowded during street sweeping day; however parking is also available from the school across the street tho”

Galen M. Alhambra, CA

“My grandchildren go to the best preschool ever!!! The teachers and administration staff are wonderful and professional. They have always treated me and my family with only kindness. Thank you FHM for all you do. You must be doing something right to be in Orange for over 40 years and turning out great students that will bless our community for years to come.”

Darlene Z. Brea, CA

“My daughter has been going to Far Horizons for the past two years . She is so excited about going every day and loves her friends and teachers. I always feel good dropping her off because I know she’ll be taken care of and learn something new. I will continue to send her until she graduates. Only wish it went past 8th grade!”

Narvid G. Orange, CA

I cannot say enough great things about this school! My two boys attend and they have improved so much academically and socially since beginning. My four year old is doing addition and subtraction, reading, writing, and is constantly coming home with new tidbits of information. The other day he explained how molecules look in different stages of liquid, gas, and solids! My younger son just started the summer program and went from not being very vocal to being able to say he lives in California! He is sorting and counting and growing in so many ways. The school is so warm and loving and truly treats their students like family. The other day my youngest son’s teacher, Ms. Seageaves, noticed my son wasn’t eating his sandwich and went as far as to test his cheese to rule out if it was rotten! The teachers go above and beyond and students excel incredibly under the loving and learning environment that FHM provides. I cannot say thank you enough for the amazing guidance and structure this school provides!

Ashley C. Orange, CA

“My nephew has been attending far horizons for over a year now and his education has been expanding rapidly! He’s only 5 but is already reading at 3rd grade level! He’s very smart already but he could not have achieved it without the proper educational environment and for that I am very grateful to far horizons.”

Elleira J. La Habra, CA

“I was a student at Far Horizons Montessori School from preschool to 7th grade. This school was such a big part of my childhood. The staff molded me into the adult I am today. When my daughter was having trouble in public school, I took her to Nora Cunningham, the Director. She evaluated her and started tutoring immediately. We instantly noticed the change. After the school year ended at public school, I knew my daughter belonged at Far Horizons Montessori School. She began that fall. She is excelling in all subjects and her confidence and self-worth has improved immensely. This is all due to the love, guidance and fabulous teaching that occurs at this fine establishment. I would and have recommended Far Horizons Montessori School to everyone I know.

The review below does not tie in with the experience we have had at Far Horizons Montessori School. I do know that the children must be potty trained, as they do not have a license for infant care. Meaning, they cannot change diapers, messes in children’s pants etc. I feel for this mother, but maybe her child wasn’t ready for school just yet and needed another year or two in daycare. I hope you would not use this review in any way to assist you in making your decision to send your child to Far Horizons Montessori School. Please contact me for any questions or concerns you may have. This school is a HUGE part of my daughter’s and my success and I know your children will benefit from attending here as well.

Thank you, Far Horizons Montessori School, for all that you have done for us! Words cannot express our gratitude!”

The Lopez Family, Orange CA