Our Vision and Guiding Principals

  • 1

    To respect.

  • 2

    To honor each child’s reality and experience.

  • 3

    To nurture each child’s self-esteem and individual expression.

  • 4

    To foster a love of learning and maintain a sense of wonder.

  • 5

    To encourage each child’s self-discipline, personal responsibility and active participation in their learning program.

  • 6

    To respect the rights of every individual, regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs, disability, social, national or ethnic origin.

  • 7

    To encourage a balance between the needs of the self and others.

  • 8

    To develop a supportive community, by encouraging the involvement and participation of parents, family and friends.

  • 9

    To respect, care for, and live in harmony with nature and our environment, with reverence for all forms of life.

What to expect from Far Horizons

When you enroll your child at Far Horizons Montessori School, we strive to become your child’s home away from home. We foster an open, family-centered atmosphere at our school. In many of our classrooms you will see children of our former students. This is perhaps the highest compliment that we can receive as teachers and administrators. The fact that these students are able to look back on their early education with a fondness that translates into enrolling their own children, truly brings us full circle and demonstrates what we are striving to achieve.

As your own child flourishes in this environment, we hope that you will see an independent and confident individual developing. Preschool parents are sometimes surprised when their child’s sense of order and concentration, developed from using the classroom materials, spills over at home and suddenly their room is picked up, shoes are put away and jackets are hung properly. “I want to do it myself” is often heard coming from these confident children,

Early exposure to the Montessori materials provides opportunity for the young child to experience numbers and the alphabet, which translates into a solid understanding of these disciplines. As the child is encouraged to work to their full potential, parents are sometimes surprised when their child wants to read the bedtime story to them.

In our Elementary Program, you can expect that your child will spend their days engaged in a variety of academic activities. At this level, children work according to their ability in each subject, allowing them to excel where they can. One on one instruction assures that your child fully understands concepts. Classwork is done in class, so there is very little homework to be done outside of review and reading.

Our Junior High School students begin the process of transitioning and preparing for high school and college. They have become inquisitive, confident young adults. They have learned to be independent self-starters, ready to meet the world head on.

There are various events and activities throughout the year which provide opportunities for you to get to know your child’s peers and their families. Our Back to School Potluck & Open House is an orientation to explain the curriculum, expectations, and the Montessori Method.

Grandparent’s Day honors those who play an important role in your child’s life. Mothers and Fathers are honored on their special days as well.

Elementary and Junior High students will have an opportunity to take several Field Trips throughout the year. Past events have included Outdoor Science Camp, Roar-and-Snore at the San Diego Wild Animal Park and an overnight visit to the Long Beach Aquarium.

United Nation’s Day is a school wide event that reminds us that we are a community of different people, from different places, with different traditions, who come together in understanding and respect for our similarities and differences.

Holidays don’t go unnoticed, and there are classroom parties and events that are inclusive of many traditions. There is also a festive Holiday Program each December, which gives our students and opportunity to present the songs and dances of the season for parents and family.

Kid’s Night Out gives parents a much-needed night off, during the busy holiday season, with the assurance that their children are being supervised by the teachers they are with every day.

Family Pizza/Movie Night provides a night for our students and their families to just relax and enjoy some time together. A lot like Kid’s Night Out, but for the whole family!