I have two children at Far Horizons Montessori School and have had overall positive experience over the past 8 years. The teachers have always given a feeling of truly caring for my children in a loving but structured environment with their growth intellectually & emotionally as a high priority. My girls love their teacher & hug them regularly. The tuition is affordable & both of or girls are ahead of their grade level according to national averages.  Most importantly my girls enjoy going to school everyday & have gained a love for learning at Far Horizons.

This year Far Horizons Donna Dowicki was awarded OC teacher of the year! Both my daughters were lucky enough to have Mrs. Dowicki as their Kindergarten teacher.  She is an amazing teacher & just the sweetest soul, your child would be truly lucky to have her as their teacher for a year.

I wish more parents like me who like the school would take time to share & spread the love for the school.  That being said I don’t think that any school is perfect but this school has a close family type environment and is a great fit for our family.

We love this school. My son has been at Far Horizons for 5 years. All of the staff are caring and they know all of the kids. My son has learned so much in all of the subjects taught at this school: science, math (algebra and geometry!), creative writing, art, history, geography, civics, literature, grammar, high level vocabulary, power point presentations etc. And they have separate teachers for Spanish, music and physical education.
In addition, they do expect kids to be responsible and well mannered!

We love this school! My two boys, 4 and 5 years old have been at this school since last summer and we couldn’t be happier in our decision to keep them at Far Horizons. We initially planned to sign up for the summer program only but we were so impressed at the boys learning that we decided to enroll them during the school year as well. They love their school and teachers. Not even one day went by that they don’t want to go to school. They are academically advanced and challenged at their individual level. My husband and I are very happy about our boys academics, social and emotional growth that they learned at this school. We hope this school continues to stay strong as it has always been for over forty years. We highly recommend this school to family and friends. We are truly blessed to have found this school. A Big thank you to Far Horizons for helping us educate our boys.

My nephew has been attending far horizons for over a year now and his education has been expanding rapidly! He’s only 5 but is already reading at 3rd grade level! He’s very smart already but he could not have achieved it without the proper educational environment and for that I am very grateful to far horizons