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Far Horizons Montessori

For over 40 years Far Horizons Montessori School has been preparing students for the finest high schools and colleges in the nation. Our students learn at their own level and are grouped according to their ability. Our school has grades from preschool through the 8th grade providing a classic Montessori education.

• At Far Horizons your child will have a private school education for a tuition of $620/month. (School day 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, ten month school year.)

• At Far Horizons your child will be in a classroom with two experienced teachers.

• At Far Horizons your child will receive enrichment classes in Spanish, Music, Dance, PE and Computer Science, all included in the $620 tuition.

• At Far Horizons your child will receive a strong STEM education. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

• At Far Horizons our students continually test above their grade level.

• At Far Horizons we have day care starting at 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

We purposely keep our tuition as low as we can so that a private school
education can be offered to as many families as possible.

If you are looking for the right school for your child,
please come in for a visit, anytime during the school day.


Far Horizon’s has been named Best Preschool Montessori in the September “BEST OF” edition of OC Parenting Magazine! Pick up your copy on campus or check it out online now!

Upcoming Events

2019-2020 School Year

10/24   United Nation’s Day     9:00am Parade 

10/31   Halloween Parade         9:00am Parade

11/8     Picture Day     Free dress for pictures   

11/11  Veteran’s Day      No school or daycare

11/18-21  Conferences-regular school hours

11/25-29 Thanksgiving break Daycare available 11/25-27 only.




Here Are Some Announcements

Mrs. Dowicki is OC’s 2018 Teacher of the Year!

If you have not yet heard, our own Mrs. Dowicki in room 3 has been named Orange County’s 2018 Teacher of the Year! We all love you so much and so very proud of you! If anyone deserves this award, it’s Mrs. Donna Dowicki!

If your kindergarten student has not yet updated the file with a Report of Health School Entry physical we need those in ASAP. The school is out of compliance until all kindergarten students are up to date.  If you are not sure if your student still needs this requirenment come to the office to check.

Important Notice

All Seventh grade students need to show proof that they have recieved a TDap immunization after the age of 11

Help us raise money with Box Tops!

We are a Box Top collecting school. If you purchase products with this symbol, please gather as many as you can and bring them to school. For every box top, we collect, the school earns $0.10! Thank you!

Coming soon: Class Calendars

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Our History

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Located in Beautiful
Orange, California

264 N. Main Street
Orange, CA 92868

Common Questions

How are Montessori schools different from traditional schools?
What is the Montessori Method? Why is it beneficial to my child?

The Twelve Points of the Montessori Method

  1.  It is based on years of observing children.
  2. It has proved itself of universal application Within asingle generation, it has been tried with complete success. This method has also been tested in every civilized nation. The method has been tested with every race, in every climate, in every social rank, and type of civilization
  3. It does away with the competitive spirit and its train of baneful results. More than this, at every turn it presents endless opportunities among the children for mutual help – which is joyfully given and gratefully received. 3.  It is based on the child’s imperious need to learn by doing. At each stage in the child’s mental growth, corresponding occupations are provided by means of which he develops his faculties.
  4. It has revealed the small child as a lover of work, intellectual work, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy.
  5. While it offers the child a maximum of spontaneity, it nevertheless enables him to reach the same, or even a higher level, of scholastic attainment as under the old systems.
  6. Though it does away with the necessity of coercion by means of rewards and punishments, it achieves a high discipline than formerly. It is an active discipline which originates within the child and it is not imposed from without.
  7. Since the child works from his own free choice, without competition and coercion, he is freed from the danger of overstrain, feeling of inferiority and other experiences which are apt to be the unconscious cause of profound mental disturbances in later life.
  8. It is based on a profound respect for the child’s personality and removes from him the preponderating influence of the adult, thus leaving him room to grow in biological independence. Hence the child is allowed a large measure of liberty (not license) which forms the basis of real discipline.
  9. It enables the teacher to deal with each child individually in each subject and thus guide him according to his individual requirements. Each child works at his own pace, hence the quick child is not held back by the slow, nor is the latter, in trying to keep up with the former, obliged to flounder along hopelessly out of his depth. Each stone in the mental edifice is “well and truly laid” before the next is added.
  10. Finally, the Montessori Method develops the whole personality of the child, not merely his intellectual facilities but also his powers of deliberation, initiative and independent choice, with their emotional complements. By living as a free member of a real social community, the child is trained in those fundamental social qualities which form the basis of good citizenship.
What is the student teacher ratio at Far Horizons?

Each of our classrooms has two fully Montessori trained and experienced teachers in the classroom at all times. In preschool, the ratio is 24:2 and in elementary 30:2.

Do you offer any extra curricular classes?

Included in your $620.00 tuition your child will have Spanish, Dance, and Music once a week. Elementary students will also have Computer Science and PE once a week.  After school, extra curricular classes in guitar, ukulele, hip-hop and tumbling are also available for an extra fee.